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The Singapore Airline company has established its brand name in terms of service quality over a period of time. “The SIA brand is founded on three pillars, first and foremost is customer service, second is innovation, which includes embracing the latest technology and operating a modern fleet, with all the advantages that comes with that, and third, is the network.” (Seng, 2004)

The company employs a well balanced network for its route and a diversified destination offering for the customers. Singapore Airlines mentions that “Knowing our customers and tailoring our messages to them directly. This requires more effort but is usually more effective. It means we have to be smart at using the right media and the right tools to target messages at those who we most need to influence.” (Seng, 2004)

TheSingaporeairline company is striving to keep on improving the service level and standards for customers through continuous improvements. Some of the steps undertaken by the company to do so pertain to offering luxury and diverse dining experience through the in flight services. The Singapore Airline company has initiated a program whereby since 2007 the customers are privy to new dished offered on selected Singapore Airlines. “The dishes include chilli crab, laksa, and nasi lemark. According to Yap Kim Wah, a senior vice president of Singapore Airlines, the airline constantly looks for providing variety in their in-flight meals. It is stated that each dish is served with an appropriate garnish.” (‘High quality dishes’, 2007) Such strategies for service excellence, improving the experience of the customer and in-flight hospitality are key differentiating factors which effect the service quality perception amongst the customers.

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Essay: Singapore Airline’s Brand Image
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