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In the rapidly growing airline industry and the increased market that is available for the companies in the industry to target, Singapore Airlines has strived to maintain a position of leadership through high level of customer service, retaining customers for future business and increasing marketing through viral means like word of mouth.

“Singapore Airlines Ltd. (SIA) often wins accolades for its in flight product and customer service, but the Top-Performing Companies analysis shows that in terms of financial health and operating performance. SIA had the top score in the financial health category and was also among the best in operating performance.” (Lott, 2006)

Working on their philosophy of innovation and excellence in service quality to provide higher and better satisfaction levels to their customers, the Singapore Airline company has employed various strategies. These strategies pertain to offering innovative and new services to the customers to facilitate their travel and decision making as well as increase loyalty of their current customers through loyalty programs. TheSingaporeairlines has launched in flight gaming option as of 1996 which allows its customers to enjoy entertain themselves through the in-flight games

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Essay: Singapore Airlines Market Position
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