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The weaknesses of the Singapore Airlines include the low asset turnover for the company and an unbalanced portfolio of business, in terms of revenue.

Moreover the Singapore Airline company faces threats from the increasing fuel prices in the international oil market which are increasing the aviation fuel prices, the instability in theMiddle Eastwhich is causing the price hike in the market. To combat these problems the company needs to increase its operational efficiency in terms of costs by employing innovative procedures. Moreover the company also faces threats from smaller local as well as international airlines in the competitive consumer aviation industry that are taking business away from the company by offering customized products and services to the customers in the market.

The customer satisfaction survey which would be employed would help determine the satisfaction level of the customers who have traveled by Singapore Airlines. This would provide realistic results from the customers’ point of view of the service quality standards of the Singapore Airline Company. The dissertation results as a result would provide information to the company, as well as to other airlines, in terms of what is demanded by a customer in terms of service and product offerings form the airlines. This will enable them to improve their services to better target the market and increase their operative market share. Moreover the increase in the service quality and standards would enable the companies to charge a higher price for premium services therefore increasing the profit margin for the company.

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Essay: Singapore Airlines Studied
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