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The culture of the region is very much oriented towards, aesthetics, arts and philosophy. The cultural roots of the region are communist, however with the changes taking place in the economic environment, the increased freedom of press and the open structure of the economy which has been developed in the past two decades,

the country has faced remarkable changes in its social and cultural environment which have resulted in the social development of the region. ‘Dramatic improvement over the past decade in indicators such as life expectancy and infant mortality have put the Czech Republic only marginally behind the western Europe and ahead of all east European countries except Slovenia.’ (‘Czech Country Profile’, 2008)

Additionally the region has also faced a positive and active employment policy, modernization in the public employment services, equal opportunities for employment and growth for women and men in the country as well as dramatic increase in the professional training and the education sector which has influences the dynamics of the society in the long term. ‘The family unit is the nuclei of theCzech Republic- Society and Culture and it forms the base of the general social structure of the country. Family ties and obligation to the family are the most prominent features ofCzechRepublic- Society and Culture.CzechRepublic- Society and Culture reflects very clearly that the people ofCzech Republicare generally practical, logical and forward thinking. Therefore both the society and the personal life of the Czech people are very well planned.’ (‘The Czech Republic Society and Culture’)

The nature of the society in terms of being hospitable has increased activities in industries specific to tourism and service oriented businesses for finance, wholesale and retail operations. This has had a two pronged effect on the region in developing the social environment as well as the economic environment of the country.

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Essay: Social analysis of Czech Republic
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