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An article published in 2004 titled ‘Why did they do it’ discusses the revelation of the events taking place at Abu Ghraib, where the prisoners were being harshly mistreated by the guards as they had the authority and the opportunity to contrail them as they wished.

“Psychologists who have studied torture and prisoner abuse say it is remarkably easy for people to lapse into sadistic behavior when they have complete power over other human beings, especially if they feel the behavior has been sanctioned by an authority figure.”  (Wallis et al 2004) This incident caused extensive riots in the name of human rights and the violation of the rights by the guards. This incident also shares a stark resemblance to the experiment by Zimbardo in the Stanford Prison study where volunteers acting as guards and prisoners also depicted same behavior. The incident of the Abu Ghraib prison and the treatment of the prisoners over there are explained by circumstances surrounding the guards and the prisoners and how they affect their behavior.

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Essay: Social Behavior discussed in Article
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