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Conformity for an individual is most aggressively affected by the norms in the society and the expected social behavior in different situations. In majority of the cases,

the individuals tend to conform to the social roles on the basis of the roles that have been assumed by others in similar situation over the period of time. However it is possible for individuals to resist conformity in cases where their own ideologies, values and reasons for not confirming are very strong. In situations that are unfamiliar to people, they tend to conform to the generalized roles and tend to do what the others in the group are doing. On the other hand in cases where the individual is familiar with the situation, they tend to take the path of action which has proven positive and advantages for them in previous such situations. “Cialdini is a renowned social psychologist that has done extensive research on the domains in which social influence is most powerful.

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Essay: Social Behaviors and Social Conformity
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