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The figure of authority as presented by Jim Jones and the need to conform in the social group amongst the constrained and brainwashed cult members of the Peoples Temple depicts how the situation as well as power can make people obedient in order to conform to the wills of those in authority.

In such cases the subservient people tend to internalize their roles of being submissive and having little authority over their actions. As a result they are easy to mislead, and control. Additionally the use of brainwashing techniques and the heavy amount of drugs administered as in the Jonestown community tend to better control the large population of the cult and making them willing to conduct actions which they might not have done in other circumstances, when having full use of their facilities and their intellectuality. The Jonestown Massacre therefore depicts conformity to a figure of power and authority on a large scale which had very detrimental effects in terms of the loss of human lives.

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Essay: Social Conformity explained using Jonestown Massacre
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