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People tend to conform in order to be appear more likable and more desirably to the group for which they might be belonging or want to belong to.

The obedience as a form of conformity usually occurs when there is strong presence of social norms and regulation or where an authority figure is in power and dictates how the individual in a specific social role is supposed to behave. “Sometimes we choose, consciously, to conform, as when we join a group voluntarily.  We adopt certain norms because the group is attractive to us and we identify with the group and its values or goal.  In its more dramatic forms, this is called conversion. In other cases, we conform because we are forced to, i.e. we are conscious of our conformity but it seems a lot less voluntary.  This is often called compliance, and it can be brought on by anything from a gun to the head or the promise of candy.  In other words, it is conformity due to the sanctions the society or group has in effect. But most of what we call conformity in the research literature concerns something “somewhat conscious” and “not quite voluntary.”

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Essay: Social norms and Conformity
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