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Conformity has been predominant in society for shifts in social roles and the reason for obedience for a long period of time. This is mostly because of the fact that conformity is a result of people in power forcing others to conform to their value and belief system.

The conforming party usually tends to conform to the different social roles in order to be accepted by other or simply to survive the situation. Therefore it has been determined that conformity is largely based on the degree of power and authority and the situation being faced by an individual. People often tend to “underestimate or even ignore the powerful influences of situational factors on ethical analysis and decision-making. This is due largely to the predominance of philosophy-oriented teaching materials. Social psychology offers relevant concepts and experiments that can broaden pedagogy to help students understand more fully the influence of situational contexts and role expectations in ethical analysis.”  (Brady & Logsdon, 1988)

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Essay: Social Psychology discussed
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