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A social role is used to depict a set of behavior, actions, the sights as well as the specific obligations that are carried out by individuals in different situations and scenarios.

The social role for an individual is mostly determined through the social status and the position of the individuals in the society.  In most cases the individuals tend to stick to their specific social roles, however when they are assigned to groups as in the case in most situations, they tend to adopt the social roles and characteristics of the social group itself. This is where the element of conformity comes into play. Individuals, in groups as well as on their own, tend to conform to other social roles mostly in order to avoid specific punishments or to attain the rewards the other social role and position has to offer to them.


The social roles are not absolute for people when it comes to the specific roles played by an individual. The life of a person, as well as the environment in which the person interacts with tends to influence the social roles undertaken by the individuals.

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Essay: Social Roles
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