This assignment is based on Maxima Inc. The company decided to implement an ERP system since the e-commerce boom but unfortunately the implementation turned out to be a failure due to a major gap between management and employees. Overall, it was an organization-wide failure. Enterprise Resource Planning comes under Enterprise Application Architecture which deals with the relationships which exist between major cross-functional enterprise applications used by companies.

 This architecture shows the roles business systems play in supporting the customers, suppliers, partners and employees of a business. ERP mainly focuses on the efficiency of a firm’s internal production, distribution and financial processes. It links all internal business processes like supply chain management, customer relationship management, partner relationship management and knowledge management.

The implementation of the new ERP system at Maxima was a complete failure. The assignment discusses the major issues that the organization faced during the implementation process and how these could have been avoided to ensure the success of the implementation of the system. The project manager was changed frequently and that caused the project to be abandoned plus it contributed to the failure of the process throughout the organization leading to a waste of time and money.

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Introduction to Assignment on ERP
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