The following dissertation is conducted using reach and literature review methodology to compare the operations, the marketing strategies, internationalisation efforts and international and local strategic position of the two companies UNICER and Central de Cervejas. Unicer and SCC are two of the major players in the Portuguese beer market, but medium sized compared with other competitors in the same industry.

These are currently in the process of internationalisation with different approaches to market and strategies in a very competitive global market. As they have different types of ownership and provide two different situational realities in a highly competitive environment their in-depth study will provide and enable to develop strategies which can be transferred to other situations and its implications overcome. Accordingly the formal title of the dissertation has been adapted to the ‘Critical analysis and comparison of the international marketing effort of Unicer and SCC’.

Unicer is a diversified business with various brands of beverages and drinks. The company sells a varied portfolio of beers, waters, juices, wines, soft drinks, coffee, and has also interests in restaurants and leisure. The company is own 66% by Viacer a Portuguese holding firm, and 44% is owned by Carlsberg. The strongest is the beer brands, and especially “Super Bock” which holds the largest chunk of market share in the Portuguese market. With this brand the company has been enabled to penetrate to markets and then consolidate with other products. This brand accounts for most of sales at Unicer thus emphasising the strategic importance of brand(s).The company is currently exporting to 5 continents, internationalisation is critical to company’s growth, increase sales and value creation.

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Introduction to Dissertation on Marketing Management
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