Research and industry based literature available on how the smoking habit is influenced by cultural, societal and demographical factors as well as marketing activities would provide the lead for the research. Cultural and ethnographic factors do affect the smoking habit of the people as indicated by the research Giskes et. al, (2005) and Chaloupka (1991). This needs to be further investigated in the research.

Aside from this the impact of the marketing activities and cigarette graphs is also highlighted by a research conducted by Cecil et al, (2006) presents that anti-smoking labeling on the packets can influence and allow the smokers to control, limit and even quit their smoking habit Others on the hand have provided that the anti smoking campaigns and labels enable the smokers to feel guilty about their health and that of their families, influencing them to give up the habit. The literature therefore depicts that marketing activities as well as ethnographic factors do affect the cigarette smoking habit; however this needs to be expanded upon and investigated further as part of the research.

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Literature Review on smoking habits
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