This dissertation seeks to emphasise an exploratory research to understand relationships of the international marketing effort and subsequent behaviour of the firms. The nature of the research has been established as an exploratory research as well are trying to determine the complexities involves in competing at the global level amongst large global brands for small and medium levelled business enterprises. For this research two companies have been used which offer two different situational realities.

Contact has been made with Unicer and according to Carlos Neves, support from the organisation has been given. These are two medium sized companies at a global perspective. Central de Cervejas is owned by Scottish & Newcastle and thus its strategy is constrained by the core strategy. Unicer has an alliance with Carlsberg which holds 44% of shares in the company and thus benefits from strategic synergies. Both Unicer and Central de Cervejas are large breweries and beverage manufacturing and distributing companies in thePortugalregion. However in the global market they are listed as amongst the various different players in the Global Beverage Industry

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Methodology in Dissertation on Brewing Company
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