The methods of research that have been used to facilitate the requirements paper will be mainly secondary based on useful advice as in Howitt and Cramer (2005). The internet and videos of both studies will also be used as well as using course material.

Whilst researching the dissertation it was realized that there had been many changes which would have influenced the results of Reicher and Haslam’s (2002) research study. Due to time and word count constraints placed on the author it was not possible to discuss all of these, therefore, for the purpose of the author’s dissertation it was decided to primarily focuses on the changes that have occurred in the area of authority and power, this does not however, mean that the other area’s of change are not considered, or taken into account.

A further interlinking component of the dissertation pertains to exploring inter group relations; this will be done through the authoritarian theory and group cohesiveness, which as stated earlier is the area of change the author will be mainly focusing upon. The authoritarian theory Lippa and Arad(1999) argued that those with authoritarian personalities have resentment towards out groups, which make them feel threatened. The group cohesiveness is a theory which according to many psychologists and sociologists increases the productivity (Schachter et al 1951) and performance (Goodacre 1951) of groups of individuals in general. It is also said by Knowles and Bickner (1981) that inter group communication is increased and hostility amongst group members reduced and directed outside the group (Pepitone and Reichling 1955).

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Methodology Used In Dissertation On Social Conformity
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