The objectives of the dissertation pertain to analysing the specific performance of the companies in the local as well as the international market and highlighting the competition that they pose and face in the local as well as the international and global market. Aside from this the paper also has the goal of identifying and comparing the internationalization strategies, the international and local marketing strategies as well as the strategic position of the companies of SCC and Unicer in terms of the competition they face in the market for the position of a leading global manufacturer and provider of beverages in the international market.

The specific objectives of the dissertation have been outlined below as:

  • Critically analyse and compare coordination of strategies, operations, and international marketing effort of the two businesses.
  • Analyse how much is strategic planning and how much is emergent strategy? How it reflects in the coordination and implementation of international marketing activities in the two businesses.
  • To determine how the process of internationalisation and market entry strategy formulation differ and compare in the two cases.
  • To identify how the country of origin affects the process of internationalisation, market uncertainty and market entry strategy.

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Objectives of Marketing Management Dissertation
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