The objectives of the dissertation pertain to providing a set of guidelines to the all the automobile manufacturers and distributors operating on the automobile industry on a global scale to take advantage of lean business process to eliminate wastage and increase their profits.

The supply and value chains of the automobile manufacturers can be better managed through the use of business process which add value to the final product, instead of employing those business prices which simply use up time, or end up adding no value, and in some circumstances over the period of the decreasing the value of the manufactured products in the market. The increasing oil prices as well as the strict laws set by the governments all over the world for emission control and security measures in the motor vehicles have created constraints for the manufactures in terms of achieving high profit margin. Therefore by making their entire business processes, including the procurement, the production as well as the supply chain management efficient, the companies would be able to cuts back on their costs of redundancy and management which would result in a higher margin of profit for them to work within the industry.

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Objectives of the Dissertation on Toyota
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