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Change is a continuous process which takes place to do the evolution of the external environment and the effect that it has on the internal environment for any business.

It is important for any business to be flexile enough to correspond to the changes taking place in its external environments and take advantage of the opportunities that the change can open up. Organizational change is also a similar form of change where due to market conditions or due to the efficiency or non effectiveness of the organization, its business processes and functions are restructured or changed.

In order to successfully manage change it is essential for the organization to plan before taking any actions. A detailed study of the organization and its processes needs to be carried out and the change has to be undertaken through a reengineering process whereby the business processes are made efficient and more reactive. There exist multiple factors that can effect or influence the success of change. These include “recognition by management of the need for change, the openness of management about its difficulties, and their confidence in the management scientist, the participation of management in gathering data and choosing a solution, the efforts of management scientists to reinforce the new behaviour of management, the measurability of results, and the involvement of top management” (Zand & Sorenson, 1975).

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Essay: Change Management
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