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Aside from this women in the region also took up to being employed in order to earn money for themselves as well as take the same opportunities that were traditionally only available to the men in the society.

“Today however the concept of work has changed and brings with it accomplishment and intellectualism. People strive to marry a working woman, to help support the family due to the socioeconomic realities of Capitalism and high standard of living.” (Working Woman in Qatar, 2008)


The increased exposure to the western lifestyle through the television, the internet as well as the Hollywood movies opened a world of brands, premium products and series that drove demands amongst the women for customized products that could define their level in the society while reflecting their wealth and prosperity. While the women from wealthy ad influential families seldom setup outside the house or seek employment elsewhere they tend to highly e involved in the consumerist culture adding to it by their excessive spending on branded products, American fast food restaurants as well as the other premium products and services.

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Essay: Changing Role of Women in Middle East
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