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BTL is not a mass marketing channel and is mostly employed to activate a brand or perform support based promotion activities for the main marketing campaign that may be deployed using mass marketing channels. Brand activation is also targeted at niche or specific segments of the market and can provide a considerably large response rate on the promotional message delivered to the markets.

Billboards and hoardings also come under the umbrella of traditional marketing and promotion channels. The billboards ad hoardings are usually employed to support a marketing campaign that may be based on using multiple marketing channels. The billboards and hoarding based marketing pertains to putting up informational messages or graphic/ attractive still advertisements at strategic locations to improve or enhance the awareness of the product, service or the brand.

Companies have also been marketing traditionally by sponsoring school based programs, charities, social events like corporate dinners, fashion shows, sports events, attractions at festivals, and movies. The sponsorship based marketing however is mostly employed by the companies to increase the awareness of the company or the brand instead of the product or the service offering of the company. The focus of the sponsorships in most cases is to escalate the overall image of the company or the brand through association and to depict the company as a socially response corporate citizen.

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Essay: Channels of Marketing
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