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The Caring for Your Children organization is a child care service provider seeks to foster development on the child while providing support to child rearing and services regarding the associated supervision of the children.

The clientele is of the Caring for Your Children organization are the preschool children and the parents of the preschool children that belong to diversified ethnic backgrounds and social status. The organization seeks to provide services for all and as a result has a diversified client base. The child care organization is located in Bandar Seri Begawan, an affluent and a conservative region of Brunei Darussalam boasting long stretches of beaches and tourist attractions like The Jerudong Park. The surrounding community is a suburban community made up of off affluent families home to a mix of diverse ethnicities and like British, Australian, New Zealander, Chinese and local Malay.

The clients of the organization are of preschool level, aged between 2-4 years old. Therefore the teaching style in the facility is different focused on increasing the pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills of the children.

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Essay: Clientele of “Caring for Your Children”
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