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The communication into the business could take up to eight level of recorded and unrecorded communication before it could reach the order processing unit, which was dealt with Paley’s department, and therefore had a tendency for harboring errors in communication due to noise.

  Once the request was formally logged and communicated to the department they prepare clerk was responsible for typing out the about eight data elements onto a multi-part form, aided in the case of any standard transfers by the ability to pick up certain fixed information like the beneficiary address or any special instruction that the order might carry. The forms for the order processing were there prepared and checked by a member of the staff who was assigned the sole role of checking the papers for any irregularities and missing data. The orders were then processed n a batch format where they waited for the cutoff time in order get authorization from the execution by an officer. The different forms of the order were then sent to the different departments of the company where the payers account was debited and the beneficiary was credited with amount.

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Essay: Communication Barriers in LectroBank
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