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The problem is actually in customer request acquisition where there are too many channels and levels between the request for a transfer being places by the customer and the order processing department getting hold of the customer’s request and processing it.

The problem lies with the customer account officers who are there to satisfy the customers but in their eagerness to provide highly customized services to the customers they tend to make communication and record keeping mistakes. Moreover due to the nature of their job they are not able to strongly comment to the customers that their requests might be unjustified or might need to be adjusted to allow for efficient processing. This also because of the fact that the account officers play a customer representative role and are not aware of the operations of the business on the ground level.

The inadequate role of the account officers being played regarding the advice provision to the customers is what is basically killing the reputation of the business and the company in the eyes of the customers. it is also explicitly stated in the case that the company runs into problems when they argue with the customer or when the customer calls to lodge a formal complaint

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Essay: Communication Errors causing Problem
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