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As mobile marketing presents innovative and effective strategies for delivering the messages to the recipients, more and more companies are jumping on the brand wagon for mobile marketing.

The companies that have already invested in mobile marketing programs and have successfully marketed to the customers include big names of international companies like the powerful international brands as well as the more regional local shops and retailers (Kavassalis, et al, 2005)

The proliferation in the mobile marketing industry is more detailed and extensive in the UK and in Europe. While in the United States, mobile marketing is still in its initial stages. One of the big brand names that employed mobile marketing strategy to launch promotions of its products and services was the company Orange a mobile phone. “In 2004, British marketers watched admiringly as Orange approached film distributors, brokering some intriguing two-way deals. These leave all parties well placed to share in the benefits of video and other rich-media content, as well as spin-off product benefits promoted through Orange Wednesdays. Because owning individual technologies is not what makes agencies successful.” (Maxted, 2005)

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Essay: Companies doing Mobile Marketing
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