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The recent trends that have been taking place pertaining to the field of childcare pertain to making childcare affordable for the masses, making way for budget childcare in the months following the recession, providing childcare as a form of early education for the children (Christian et al, 2002), raising the bar for child development through provision of childcare services and increased focus on the communication and social development (McClure).

A one to one relationship is the main philosophy of the organization whereby the staff is engaged with the children to provide them aid in the development of their academic and social skills while also helping them through the physical development in the early years. The organization has a structure of one caretaker/ staff member catering to 5-6 children which makes way for better supervision and attentive childcare which is based on the recommended child care ratio (DAP) of 5 to 7 staff allocated to toddlers of age 2-3 years old (‘Teacher-Child Ratio’, 1991). The origination aims to provide high quality early care in order to foster long term benefits in terms of successful child development and achievement of academic success in the schooling years.

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Essay: Company Philosophy of Caring for Your Children
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