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The organization itself being the Zara brand is highly streamlines with extensive though t put into the design, production and the marketing processes. The company makes use of a versatile pool of talent for its designs while the management is made to make decisions at the last minute using the postponement strategy to provide the customers with what they want at the time that they want it (Ryan, 2006).

The streamlined and innovative supply chain operating being Zara is one of its biggest strengths that allow it to be versatile, dynamic as well profitable in its business. (McAfee & Brynjolfsson, 2008)

BY using the recommendations stated above, the company can attain the long term position for itself as the fashion dictating retailer I the industry while staying ahead of the competition. Aside from this the better paid, more liberated and more satisfied designers would also be able to significantly contribute to Zara labels by being more productive.

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Essay: Competitive Advantage of Organization; ZARA
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