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The value proposition that is offered by Zara to its customers is to products and styles that are demanded by them as soon as possible with collections being changed and revamped every four to five weeks.

The company does this by shortening the designed and manufacturing process by limiting the number of changes that can be made and hiring the innovative and ambitious designers of age 26-35 so that the impossible can be made possible in terms of deadlines and fashion trends (Pfeifer, 2007). This allows the company to cater to the demands of the customers with only 40-50 percent of the collections being forecasted while the rest are made on the last minute to suit the demands of the customers.

Zara has branded itself in the fashion industry as being one of the most up to date fashion retailers that sets the trends for future fashion. The company has made the brand accessible to the market by launching stores and outlets at high profile locations that see a lot of traffic (Ryan, 2006). Instead of using mainstream marketing techniques, the company makes use of customer relationship building strategies and word of mouth to brand itself and market its products and services. This allows the company to hold a unique position in the industry and the target market.

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Essay: Competitive Advantage of Value Proposition by ZARA
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