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The Arab consumer culture has changed significantly in the last few decades, and has been the subject of discussion for this paper. The growing level of consumerism in the region is greatly apparent in the way people purchase products and service, the high level of prices they are willing to pay for the goods and services and the premium and prestige that they associate with brands.

The construction of mega malls in the region, particularly Dubai clearly depicts the focus of the society towards consumerism and their new consumerist culture. In his book ‘Popular Culture in the Arab World’ the Hammond mentions that it is possible for people to buy a water pipe any time of the day in Beirut through the telephone while the Pop culture icons of music and television reflect the pop culture in the US. These are idolized by the young generation in the Middle East further adding to their consumerist lifestyle through the endorsements made by the icons of pop music on the media and the lifestyle portrayed by them.

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Essay: Consumerism in Arab Countries
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