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The main cost that has to be incurred when taking the BA609 titrotor into account is the investment capital that is required to purchase the aircraft. The BA609 costs around 10 to 12 million dollars while other companies have also quoted the price as high as 20 million dollars for the aircraft (Christian, 2008).

This is the main cost associated with the BA609 tiltrotor. Another drawback or the cost that can be attributed to the BA609 titrotor is the operating cost of the craft and the high cost per mile for the aviation companies that employ the aircraft (Dubois & Huber, 2007). The Helicopter History Site (2009) provides that the costs of operating a helicopter or a related aircraft include the costs associated with the depreciation of the equipment due to flight and use, the insurance of the aircraft, the taxes and equipment cost that has to be paid as well as the rent that needs to be paid for renting the aircraft or for storing the aircraft when not in use. Additional costs include fuel costs, maintenance of the aircraft that can include engine and aircraft overhaul, and the costs of acquiring and retaining experienced and qualified pilots to fly the aircraft. The increased payload of the BA609, combined with the need for a specially FAA trained pilot and the complex technology employed in the aircraft make it more expensive to operate and maintain. This can make is unfeasible and impractical for use over a short distance.

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Essay: Cost Analysis of BA-609 titrotor
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