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While the older generations are still reminiscent of the local cultures, and the traditional values of the region that are still upheld by them, the youth and the younger generation in the Arab states in the Middle East on the other hand have grown up in an environment of privilege, money and luxury which combined with the exposure that they have had towards the western society has increased consumerist sentiment in them.

Their excessive spending on fashion, luxury goods like jewelry, automobiles and even property is reflective of the consumerist trend and tend to threaten the national identity of the people. As they increasingly adopt the western lifestyles, and the values as depicted in the western society, they loose their own heritage and their traditions and values. The adoption of the western way of life is very attractive to the Middle Eastern population as it enables them to display and depict their wealth which is much evident in the way they spend on their lavish weddings.

While once known for their generosity and their public display of sharing and brotherhood, the Middle Eastern societies are now increasingly becoming a model of a highly consumerist and immodest society that has a lot of money and nowhere for it to spend, therefore choosing to spend it on materialistic items to showcase their wealth. These elements are not part of the traditional and culture of the region and are therefore contributing towards the loss of then national identity of their region.

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Essay: Cultural Diversity in Middle East
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