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One of the main changes that have been taking place and contributing towards the trend of consumerism in the Middle East has been the cultural changes that have been brought about due to the economic progression of the region and the increase in globalization.

Historically the region of the Middle East and the countries in the region has been highly protective of their way of life, their beliefs and ideology. However with the increased level of globalization, the highly protective society in the region has become threatened with the culture of spending and consumerism.

The onslaught of the consumerist culture can be attributed to a number of factors. These factors include the increased tourism to the region, the open trade barriers leading to the influx of foreign nationals and expatriates in the region, the exposure garnered trough television and media and the World Wide Web.


The culture and the architecture of the region are highly attractive to tourists and taking advantage of this opportunity, the Arab countries have used tourism of the region and related services to generate extra revenue for their economies. The increase in the tourism level in the region however has affected the lifestyle of the local people in the Middle East as well. Foreign nationals and tourist that come to the middle East bring their way of dressing, their thinking, and their culture along with them which is highly attractive for the protected societies in the middle east, as a result in order to seem influential the local society in the Middle east has copied the lifestyle of the tourists which has led to increased consumerism.

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Essay: Culture in Middle East
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