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The OJuice Company is currently facing the issue of outdated product lines, lack of innovation in business processes, lack of creativity and decreasing popularity amongst its target market. The following paper highlights issues that are affecting business and the measures that can be taken by the OJuice management to resolve their issues.

Any business is exposed to external environments that include social, political, legal and the technical environments. These significantly influence the business processes and the operations of accompany (Miller, 2001, p11). The OJuice Company is currently unable to integrate the changes in the social environment and the management style that is being employed by other companies in its sector into its operations. This has raised social political issues where the employees of the company are resigning and leaving the company as they feel the company is stifling their creativity while promoting bureaucracy. Aside form this the customers of the company also find the OJuice products to be outdated and suited more to the children than the target market consisting of the teenage population. The lack of innovation and new diverse/ exotic product lines has also contributed to the lack of consumer interest for the OJuice products in the market

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Essay: Decline facing The OJuice Company
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