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Some believe that euthanasia is a result of the legalization of abortion. I believe that euthanasia is an issue on its own with its own arguments and debates. It is really not fair to blame legalized abortion for the.

‘We said it would lead to euthanasia, and they laughed at us. And so, 25 years later it’s leading to euthanasia….. We await its long-term outcome, but this is no longer a distant threat, and the relation of abortion to euthanasia is increasingly apparent to many people.’ (Wilke C.J)

I would like to reinstate my point that women should have the right to choose. Forcing someone to make such a personal choice cannot result in anything positive. 61% of the world’s population is allowed to have abortions legally while others don’t. This is because decision makers who had nowhere close to their experience got to make the decision about their intimate life.

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Argumentative Essay On Abortion
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