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The key point developed by the article in its three main sections is that even though the ‘system of discipline’ may be finishing or has finished we need to become aware of a newer and more subtle but still as effective form of control over us. The younger generation on whom the responsibility LIES need to realize the evils of this more complex system and realize who our new breed of masters is, because we cannot have broken away from one set of masters and one kind of discipline over us to another kind of control.

Even though this article was written over twenty years ago the trends that it identifies have become only stronger. However at the same time there is recognition of the weaknesses of corporations. In fact the recession by many is attributed to the evils associated with the corporate system and the greed of the individuals running these corporations. All in all this article provides an analysis and discusses a model which is still relevant to us today.

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Essay: Analysis of Postscript on the societies of control
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