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Cultures are an important influencer upon a problem situation as they affect individuals as well as an entire organisation (Greert, 2009). Analysis Two considers the cultures of QES P/L and their relevance in the problem situation.

Here, the innovation bubble is bigger because, although the dominant culture is role, but the company is focusing on more and more innovation and the involvement of technical staff in the implementation of KM systems.

Influences on Culture

Following are the influencers on the QES’s cultures:

  1. History and ownership – since the company is primarily based on engineering services, its natural to have a more inclination towards using more and more technologically advance environments in the workplace.
  1.  Market and industry environment – All companies related to manufacturing are moving towards capital intensive, technologically advance, modern and upto date equipments and facilities, and are implementing modern systems such as Knowledge Management to ensure not just effective and quality production but a better work environment as well. And with the increasing competition, QES P/L has to keep up with its competencies.
  2. Social environment – QES has a strong tradition.
  3. Goals and objectives – to brand the company as a KM company.
  4. Size – Expanding overseas.
  5.  Technology – KM has been implemented for 10 years.
  6. Personnel – the staff has the strong tendency to show resistance to change (Nielson, 2007).

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Essay: Analysis Two of QES P/L Cultures
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