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The article is an intelligent and piercing analysis of changing systems of education, work and health. It draws comparisons from the previous system which it describes as the ‘system of control’ and the system which is coming into shape which is the ‘system of discipline’.

One of the main ideas explored by the article is the evolvement of the factory to the corporation. The factory is a typical structure of the system of discipline. It is physically confining, focused on enhancing productivity and is viewed by workers with antagonism. Also characteristic of the older system is the core focus which is on the production of goods. The newer system is different in many ways. Physical space holds no meaning now as constantly evolving technology allows workers to be connected with their jobs and workplaces all the time. Although the author identifies this as an emerging trend it is now a well established trend in developed economies for workers to be constantly connected doing their jobs. Then again the focus has gone from raw materials and production to services and final products. This again is a clear factor in most developed economies in which the service sector contributes to a major chunk of the country’s GDP leaving manufacturing far behind. Then again there is a difference in the antagonism between the previous factories to which workers held an aversion and to modern corporations which claim to have a soul. The article has identified this as a particularly frightening trend, whereby corporations use complex financial packages to attract and keep employees.

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Essay: Article Analysis; Postscript on the societies of control
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