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A key problem faced when any change is coming to an organization is the opposition that comes from employees because of the increased uncertainty that change brings (, 2009). Merck faced this challenge as well, however dealt with this by keeping employees informed about the real goals of the strategy and also by tying employee compensation to success in strategy implementation. An example of attitude change provided by  the case is that of changing perceptions regarding communication of failures.

This attitude was gradually changed into one in which it was acceptable and in fact encouraged to criticize and identify failings of the organization. Another challenge is the temporary pain or struggles that an organization has to face to achieve success in implementation. For example providing investors detailed information about projects turned out to be a good move in the long term but was hard in the short term in the sense that more information was also shared with competitors and this practice also required more rigorous auditing and tighter budgets (Johnson and Nisita, 2009).

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Essay: Challenges faced by Merck in strategy implementation
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