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Global warming is an issue engulfing the world since quite a few years and becomes inevitable for all company operations as toxic waste is attributable to the damage caused. Therefore, most often do we hear the need for going green by world’s renowned companies. A lot of them are now resorting to bio fuel though it accounts for huge capital investments; however, it’s return in the long run is beneficial to the society in general.

There are quite a number of disaster movies which depict the consequences of global warming though in a manner quite exponential. It is said that The US National Academy of Sciences believes that a substantial change in temperature could have sudden climatic effects. This would result in changes that are profound and irreversible. This phenomenon is described as ‘threshold events’ where the Earth’s mechanism gets to have a major impact as a result of slight temperature changes (Shearman and Smith 24).

This could further be explained with the help of an example; the returning cold currents of Gulf Stream flowing through North Atlantic Ocean and then going South have reduced by about 30% since the year 1957. This is happening because of melting ice in the South region. This reversal of the Gulf Stream is even simulated in the movie, Day after Tomorrow thus causing massive floods and storm. Similarly, the Antarctic Ocean is also having an acidic pH level which in the span of time would reduce substantial calcium content of the marine life.

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Essay: Consequences of Global Warming
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