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The following cultural traps exist in QES P/L:

–          Task Culture is hindering the Role culture.

–          The task culture is governed with power.

Analysis Two revealed that the dominant culture in the QES is that of Role where as there are other sub-cultures with Roles, norms, values and behavior patterns.

Referring to the Morgan’s three distinct perspectives on the relationships between individuals and organisations, we can say that QES P/L has the ‘pluralist’ view.

Firstly, the interests of the individuals and the organization are diverse.

Secondly, there exist a conflict in change acceptance in inherent in the company.

And thirdly, through power the conflicts can be resolved.

4.3Approaches to Conflict Management

According to Morgan, the different problem owners can take up different approaches to conflict management. These approaches include: competing, compromising, accommodating, avoiding and collaborating (Nielson, 2007). The QES P/L’s managers who are the heroes take up the compromising role where they have decided not to implement the new designs of offices in regions where their acceptability is not favorable. On the other hand, the staff takes on the role of ‘competing’ as they are not adapting to the new systems and strictly adhering to their previous systems. The KM section technical personal and HR representatives have the role of ‘accommodating’. And lastly, the overseas staff can be seen as taking up the ‘collaborating’ role. The uneven distribution of power and varying styles of conflict management are the sources of sever conflicts that are prevailing within QES at present.

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Essay: Cultural Traps in QES P/L
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