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The combined elements of globalization and high level of consumption on part of the Middle Eastern Society is creating a consumerist trend in the region. The consumerist trend is taking over the lives of the people in the Middle East who are reflecting characteristics of loosing their cultural values and unique identity. The consumerist culture with the mega malls has become a way of life for the people in the region. Particularly when it comes to the women in theMiddle East, consumerist culture is being promoted by them in a significant manner as they are not able to openly seek employment or other activities outside the house instead of shopping. Combined with their exposure to the western media, their wealth and the opportunities provided to them by the ever increasing retail businesses and shops in the Middle East, the women in the Middle East have focused their attention and their energy towards shopping which has aggravated consumerism in the region leading to the loss of the national identity.

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Essay: Emergence of Consumerist Society in Middle East
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