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Another significant discriminatory area is that pertaining to equal employment. Employers often discreetly discriminate against individuals of different race, gender, as well as based on age and disability when it comes to hiring them for a job. Amongst this age based discrimination for both the elderly employees as well as the young employees is very predominant in the UK labor market. “Forty per cent of people have faced discrimination at work with age being the biggest problem in Great Britain. In a poll by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 240 of the 600 respondents say they have been discriminated against at work.

A third of those harassed cite age discrimination as the reason, with just 14 per cent for gender, 5 per cent for discrimination and 2 per cent for race. Charles Cotton, reward and employment conditions adviser at the CIPD, believes many organisations do not realise their systems are discriminatory.” (Nelson, 2003, p7)

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Essay: Employment Discrimination
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