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A study in conducted in 2008 published din Health Policy revealed, that while the public as well as the private sector based healthcare system is made accessible and available to the general population in Australia, a horizontal inequality does exist, which is created by the people of Australia themselves.

The richer and more affluent people individuals in Australia seek expensive treatment in high end private medical universities which are not covered by the Australian health policy. This causes a discrepancy in the medical facility accessible to the general public and the selected groups of affluent people in Australia on the basis of their income and finances. Despite, this Australian health policy and the healthcare promotes equality, making it possible for everyone to have access to quality based health care facility and service in the region.


Recent comparative evidence from OECD countries suggests that Australia’s mixed public–private health system does a good job in ensuring high and fairly equal access to doctor, hospital and dental care services

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Essay: Equity in the Australian Health Care System
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