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The proposed research would employ an ethnographic research method. The ethnographic method of research highlights the behavior and response of the humans’ specific to their ethnic factors and influencers.

For the purpose of the research an ethnographic study would pertain to exploring the culture of the people in related to their response to cigarette packet advertisements. The method of ethnographic research that would be employed would be to observe the buyers of cigarettes and to have informal conversions on the topic resulting in collection of qualitative data.. The method would allow the research to incorporate and highlight the ethnographic factors related to the smokers attitude towards cigarette packet graphs. Personal and researcher bias are the ethical bias that need to be controlled when conducting the research.

The proposed research seeks to determine from the point of view of the cigarette consumers as to what factors influence the smokers to give up their habit of cigarette smoking while highlighting ethnographic factors that influence the behavior of the smokers relative to their habit. More specifically the role played by the cigarette packet graphs would be analyzed.

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Essay: Ethnographic Method Used For Smoking Habit Research
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