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The dramatic increase is mostly due to the vats benefits and opportunities that marketing through mobile devices provides to the marketers and the retailers. “Paul Seaton, director at Marvellous Mobile, claims that mobile brings the printed collateral alive and extends the dialogue between brand and consumer. The unique nature of the Internet that allows peer-to-peer sharing of content has seen a number of hugely successful viral campaigns.” (Brooks, 2006)

However despite the massive developments that have been taking place in the mobile communications technology, there is a need for further developments to support the marketing programs.UKcompanies often have found it difficult to make navigation easy online for the customers on their cell phones to facilitate online advertising based shopping. Denso Ware a Japanese company was able to come up with a solution with the technology that it first developed in 1994. The technology is now being used to support marketing strategies however it was “originally intended for tracking vehicle parts, QRs are now commonly used to store web addresses in a format that can easily be read by camera phones. ‘If you are flicking through the latest Playboy or Elle, 80 per cent of the ads would have a QR code,’ McCaughan explains. ‘You take a photo of the code and it directly links you to the promotional site.’” (Deign, 2006)

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Essay: Evolution of Marketing though Mobile Devices
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