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An example of online journalism that can be offered for the purpose of this paper is that pertaining to the news articles for current events and news on Yahoo and MSN websites. The article titled ‘AP poll: Mortgage payments worry many’ on Yahoo, published on April 14, 2008 provides information on how the events taking place in the housing and the mortgage and lending industry are effecting the people. The article talks about the depression in the real estate market and how an AP based poll provided that the high level of mortgage payments are affecting the choice of the people in the market for buying house right now as well as in the future. Moreover the article also provides that people who have taken on mortgage loans on their houses and property are unable to afford the mortgage payments, therefore reporting to defaulting on their loans and shifting to new replacing accommodations.

The article is provided by Alan Fram from Washington a writer for the Associated Press and is based on the public opinion and the AP based poll. This article is therefore well founded and provides information based on public opinions and well grounded sources. This is a prime example of how online journalism disseminated through professional and authorized mediums and sources can help in voicing the opinion of the general people and disseminate it to a vast and wide audience.

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Essay: Example of Online Journalism
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