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The prominent sports apparel and a top brand Nike has also utilized the mobile marketing channel. Nike “elected to use the channel for its Showdown campaign, where peer-to-peer communication allows for the sharing of video.” (Maxted, 2005) Even theUKbased clothing and lifestyle products retailer FCUK invested in a marketing campaign based on mobile marketing “for the first time to back the launch of its digital radio station and to spearhead its expansion into theU.S.” (‘FCUK to back FM radio debut with first mobile work’, 2004)

Wyeth Consumer HealthCare in theUKis known as being a conservative company that manufactures pharmaceutical products. Its brand Chapstick was also depicted in the same light until the company launched a mobile marketing campaign “aimed at highlighting the importance of wearing sun protection, by reminding users to take the product on their next holiday. Over two weeks, 50,000 recipients received a text message offering the chance to enter a competition to win a holiday toIbizafor themselves and five of their friends.” (‘Chapstick Sheds Dated Image with SMS Campaign’, 2002) The success of the campaign has been such that they have been able to build their own premium based text club

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Essay: Examples of companies doing Mobile Marketing
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