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The factors that have been identified as the key factors that can lead the business towards a successful establishment in the aviation and airlines industry include getting the government approvals from the government and acquiring the certification form the FAA for operations and authority to fly aircrafts in the regions of operations. The other success factors that have been identified include securing the funding and financing for the business venture, employing management and staff that are experienced in handing the operations in the aviations and the airlines industry.

By marketing to the targeted niche and employing the best possible channels of marketing and promotions, the company can ensure visibility for its brand name and the awareness of its products and services in the targeted markets. There are only three other commercial airlines in the region of New York and Washington that provide similar services and all of them suffer form mismanaged service quality leading to low quality standards. Maintaining the product and service quality form the start will lead to gradual increase in the trustworthiness of the brand and its associated services. A conservative methodology of expansion using an addition of one aircraft in one year will lead to a more managed and planned business outcome that can weather the high costs of operations and establishment in the initial years.

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Essay: Factors Leading to Success of Aviation Industry
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