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The BA609 titrotor is also heavier than most aircrafts due to the material used for construction of the aircraft and the added features. The enhanced cabin size and the increased features make it heavy and therefore make it unfeasible to land the BA609 titrotor at locations where the landing pad is build to sustain only 10,000pounds. ““As a helicopter, it is too heavy for our landing spots, and we already operate three airplanes– Challenger 604s,” he told AIN. Hospital landing sites in Switzerland, located mainly on building rooftops, are limited to rotorcraft with a landing weight of no more than 10,000 pounds.

Another problem would be the powerful downwash” (Dubois & Huber, 2007). Aside from this the FAA requires that a special licensed pilot bust be employed to fly the BA609, one who can combine the skills for flying a plane and operating a helicopter. The pilots need to be qualified with a rotor wing total time of 2,000 hours, a fixed wing total time of 1500 hours, a cross country time of 700 hours with 250 hours of night time flight, and 1000 hours of experience in flight as the pilot in command. Aside from this the pilots that are qualified to fly the BA609 have to attain the certification of ATP and commercial flying certificate. The regulation was put in place by FAA in order to ensure a capable pilot could fly the BA609 titrotor that could fly like a plane and yet had the underlying technology of a helicopter for vertical takeoff.

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Essay: Features of BA609 titrotor
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