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The aggregate financial performance indicators for the past five years relevant to Anheuser Busch Company were 64.0 percent for Return on Equity and 12.9 percent for Return on Assets. This depicts that the company has been performing pretty well in its market however as compared to the past few years; the performance of the company is declining.

The reduced return on equity and investment proved that the company was performing well and earning more revenues in its markets in the past five years than it has been in the current past year of 2007. There is a marked reduction of about 10 percent of return on the investment and the capital employed in the company as compared to the aggregate performance of the company for the past five years.  This supports the fact that the company needs to invest in new markets and take hold of the opportunities that are available to it in order to increase its profitability in the market as well as sustain its strategic advantage over its competition in terms of leadership in the market.

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Essay: Financial performance of Anheuser Busch Company
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