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Homosexuals may want to keep their identities in dark as far as sharing their lifestyle publicly and privately is concerned, thus not preferring to belong to an identifiable culture, the acceptance or rejection is thus based on the idea of self definition, in this case, the sexual identity. The attitudes and behaviors of mingling into the mainstream culture would differ as opposed to other minority groups with a society. In order for self concept to evolve for homosexuals, sexual identity and sexual differences need to be accepted thereby originating from the dominant culture. For instance, core values are adapted from the majority such as the concept of education, parenting and the representation of marriage.

However, they would be excluded from orthodox institutions highlighting the presence only in a unique minority group. The concept of cultural over lap may be worthy of notice while the concept of self identity may not be well integrated into it since homosexuality does not originate from the traditional culture (Aggleton and Parker 2007).

Moreover, such self identity is not prevalent in the early stages of life; therefore, within or after the span of dual socialization such an individual identifies himself/herself with the majority culture until later relating to the sexual minority. Homosexuals often end up marrying heterosexuals until identifying and relating to their uniqueness in the adulthood stage.

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Essay: Homosexuality
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